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Toronto, Ontario M4M 3M3


Kith Flagship Yorkville

Kith Yorkville is the flagship location in Toronto showcases some absolutely stunning lighting design to showcase the apparel, accesories, footwear and the dining area. 

The Viabizzuno Copperbartoli exudes absolute beauty, gracing the dining space as a captivating focal point suspended from the ceiling. Its stunning presence is further showcased on the walls through exquisite sconces, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Viabizzuno collaborates as a design partner with Kith, intricately involved in the creation of flagship stores globally. Both entities seamlessly integrate their philosophies, resulting in some of the most cutting-edge retail designs worldwide.

Founder/CEO/Creative Director Ronnie Fieg designed the two-story flagship with signature elements of Kith’s retail concept, adjusted with unique details that speak to its bespoke setting. To match the clean and modern designs of Toronto, the space captures a vibrant elegance constructed with Venetian Plaster, Alba Chiara, Verias Green Marble and more.

The first floor is tailored to men’s & women’s premium apparel and accessories. The second floor features footwear, an exclusive Kith Kids offering, Kith Treats, and Sadelle’s. Guests can expect the quintessential Kith Treats offerings that have earned the brand a loyal following since launching in 2015. Experience Sadelle’s culinary excellence with its beloved all-day dining offering of bagels, sliced-to-order Salmon, Chopped Salads, world-famous French Toast and more.

The ambiance is elevated with a careful balance of white, blue and brown hues—alongside calming greenery tastefully placed throughout the store. Our changing rooms and elevators are covered with Kith Classic logo vegan leather wallpaper. The Kith Treats and Sadelle’s area is elevated with Rosa Aurora Stone and is complimented by its blend of wood, stone and metal accents—creating a sharp, sophisticated setting.

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